Monday, March 12, 2012

Xperia NXT Series

Sony introduces their 3 new models for the Xperia NXT series, Xperia S. P and U. This phones are paving to the next generation of smartphones from Sony.
There is no official word on when will this be available in the Malaysia Market but rumour has it that Umobile and DiGi has already started their registration for Xperia S series and hopefully it will hit the market by March 16th. So for now fingers crossed for the release of this mobiles and we shall see what it to become of U and P as well. Will it go UP as how it says or will S dominate the market against them.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

iPad 3??’s the new iPad 2 Advance…

Apple has just released their new iPad. As how the hype that it was the new iPad 3, it seems to be more of an enhanced version of the current iPad. The new iPad seems to be amazing expecially with its new Retina display and it’s 5MP rear camera.

The major differences between the new iPad and iPad 2 are as follow:
New iPad iPad 2
Chip A5X Chipset A5 Chipset
  • 2048-by-1536-pixel resolution at 264 pixels per inch (ppi)
  • High Resolution Retina display
  • 1024-by-768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch (ppi)
  • iSight camera: 5-megapixel with autofocus; tap to focus; face detection in still images; video recording, HD (1080p) up to 30 frames per second with audio; video stabilization
  • Back camera: Video recording, HD (720p) up to 30 frames per second with audio; still camera with 5x digital zoom
Connectivity Wifi and 4G Wifi and 3G
At the moment, the new iPad is going for USD 499 in the States so it is predicted to be around RM1499 for the Wifi only model.
On the brighter side, Apple has started to sell their older model of iPad 2 at a discounted price of RM300. So for the model that was RM1499 before for the 16GB WiFi, it is now only RM1199. So now would be a great time to get the iPad that you wanted.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The All new unlimited super Postpaid by YES….

YES has just released its unlimited postpaid plan that starts at the lowest price of RM48 per month. But don’t be fooled by unlimited…unlimited in any service provider means there is no surprise charges for exceeding the limit but a cap to the throttling speed of the broadband. This is very much similar to the services that has been provided by DiGi as well. Lets just hope they throttle better then how DiGi is since they are boasting of their SUPER postpaid.
The main selling point for YES is their consistent speed of up to 20 MBPS and their free dongle devices.
SUPER 48:  RM48 monthly subscription for data usage up to 1.5GB generally for light users and casual surfers who also check e-mails, read news, and download apps on the go.
SUPER 68:  RM68 monthly subscription for data usage up to 4GB mainly for steady social users who update their status with pictures and videos.
SUPER 98:  RM98 monthly subscription for data usage up to 6GB more for power users with multi-devices who juggle work with play and often send and download large e-mails or play online games.
SUPER 168:  RM168 monthly subscription for data usage up to 10GB ideally for business executives and video users as well as content lovers who watch and share a lot of online videos and love to video-chat.

PRADA by LG and bundled with Celcom

logo-prada               lg-logo
LG Electronic announces its 3rd handset collaboration with PRADA with the PRADA by LG 3.0. The phone comes with a 1.0GHz Dual Core system and runs on the Gingerbread OS by Android. The specs on the phone is:
o Operating System: Android 2.3 Gingerbread
o Memory: User 8GB maximum (varies depending on carrier requirements)
o Display Size: 4.3 inches
o Resolution: WVGA (800 x 480)
o Display Brightness: 800 nit
o Camera: 8MP
o Processor: 1.0GHz Dual-Core / Dual Channel
o Battery: 1540mAh
Celcom has managed to get it’s paw on the LG PRADA and has revealed its bundle plans. The PRADA is going for RM2,299 in the local market and is being offered for RM1,528 with a 18 month bundle by Celcom Exec 250.
Celcom LG Prada 3.0 Plans
You can find out more about the phone at and also if you are interested in the package plan offered by Celcom, you can head here.

Samsung Galaxy S Advance….

Samsung Galaxy S Advance…the first question will be how advance is it?? At first glance it looks like the Galaxy S has been given a face lift then it predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S with the look and feel of a Galaxy S2. Indeed the S Advance is a new addition to the Galaxy S family with its 1GHz dual-core processor, a curved 4-inch WVGA Super AMOLED screen, 5MP rear camera with 720p video recording, a front-facing 1.3MP camera, 8/16GB of internal memory but why Gingerbread?? Shouldn’t it start running on the new Ice Cream Sandwich OS?
This phone is expected to hit the Malaysian Market soon…but when is yet to be determined. The main wonder is with S3 in the pipeline and probably other better Samsung mobiles coming out….
How will the S Advance stand against the many. Will the price be cheaper or as competitive as its other family the S2?
So the ranting about this phone will proceed on when it hits the market in Malaysia…

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note….a phone or tablet??

This is a common question people always ask in regards to the Samsung Galaxy Note. Just last week, we purchased this phone for my sister as a present. The question that is being as, will this work as a phone or as a tablet? Who in the right mind will place such a huge phone on their face while talking and walking around town….Well that is a question that we need to ask the 2 million consumers around the world that have purchased since it first launched in October.

galaxy note 2galaxy note 1

So is this a phone or a tablet or something just phabletious…Galaxy Note seems to be a hybrid of both world. The Samsung Note comes with an interesting specification that matches the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Samsung GALAXY Note Specifications:

  • Form factor: phone/tablet crossbreed

  • Dimensions: 146.9 x 83 x 9.7 mm

  • Weight: 178g

  • Display: 5.3" WXGA HD Super AMOLED (1280 x 800, 285 PPI) screen

  • OS: Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread, TouchWiz UI

  • Chipset: 1.4 GHz dual-core Cortex-A9 CPU, Mali-400MP GPU, 1GB of RAM,

  • Camera: 8 MP autofocus camera with LED flash in the rear to capture stunning 1080 HD images and a  2 MP front-facing camera.

  • Memory: 16/32 GB internal memory, expandable via a microSD card slot

  • Connectivity: quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and quad-band (850/900/1900/2100 MHz) UMTS with 21 Mbps HSDPA and 5.76 Mbps HSUPA support, dual-band Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, Wi-Fi direct, Assisted GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, 2.0 microUSB connector

The features that draws most of the consumer to the phone would be their wide screen and also the ability for the users to use a stylus to write and also to draw stunning images on its Super AMOLED screen.

Most of the service providers have jumped on phabletious hype to provide several different packages to suit everyone’s need. The retail price for the mobile phone is at RM2299. But so far the deal from DiGi for the plan seems to be quite reasonable to me compared to the other service providers.

But what ever it is, the phone is indeed a stunning and interesting toy to play with…next to a tablet.

Nokia 808 PureView


Nokia is establishing a new phase in the mobile industry by introducing its Nokia Pure View series.

ProEXR File Description<br /><br />=Attributes=<br />cameraAperture (float): 36.000000<br />cameraFNumber (float): 8.000000<br />cameraFarClip (float): 1000000015047466219876688855040.000000<br />cameraFarRange (float): 999999984306749440.000000<br />cameraFocalLength (float): 40.000000<br />cameraFov (float): 30.547466<br />cameraNearClip (float): 0.000000<br />cameraNearRange (float): 0.000000<br />cameraProjection (int): 0<br />cameraTargetDistance (float): 33.212559<br />cameraTransform (m44f)<br />channels (chlist)<br />compression (compression): Zip16<br />dataWindow (box2i): [0, 0, 6999, 6999]<br />displayWindow (box2i): [0, 0, 6999, 6999]<br />lineOrder (lineOrder): Increasing Y<br />pixelAspectRatio (float): 1.000000<br />screenWindowCenter (v2f): [0.000000, 0.000000]<br />screenWindowWidth (float): 1.000000<br /><br />=Channels=<br />A (half)<br />B (half)<br />Fresnel_ramp2.B (half)<br />Fresnel_ramp2.G (half)<br />Fresnel_ramp2.R (half)<br />G (half)<br />GI.B (half)<br />GI.G (half)<br />GI.R (half)<br />Occ_Broad_VRayDirt2.B (half)<br />Occ_Broad_VRayDirt2.G (half)<br />Occ_Broad_VRayDirt2.R (half)<br />Occ_tight_VRayDirt1.B (half)<br />Occ_tight_VRayDirt1.G (half)<br />Occ_tight_VRayDirt1.R (half)<br />R (half)<br />diffuse.B (half)<br />diffuse.G (half)<br />diffuse.R (half)<br />lighting.B (half)<br />lighting.G (half)<br />lighting.R (half)<br />multimatte.B (half)<br />multimatte.G (half)<br />multimatte.R (half)<br />normals.X (half)<br />normals.Y (half)<br />normals.Z (half)<br />rawGI.B (half)<br />rawGI.G (half)<br />rawGI.R (half)<br />reflect.B (half)<br />reflect.G (half)<br />reflect.R (half)<br />refract.B (half)<br />refract.G (half)<br />refract.R (half)<br />

The Nokia 808 PureView supersedes all its predecessors with its high-resolution 41 megapixel sensor with high-performance Carl Zeiss optics and new pixel oversampling technology. Packing with its whooping 41mp image sensors, it makes most compact cameras looks like childs play and stands in par is some of the mid range DSLR cameras.

What is 41mp is there is no full HD included?? The Nokia 808 PureView, comes with a full HD 1080p video recording and playback with 4X lossless zoom and the world's first use of Nokia Rich Recording.  Rich Recording enables audio recording at CD-like levels of quality, previously only possible with external microphones. The Nokia 808 PureView also features exclusive Dolby Headphone technology, transforming stereo content into a personal surround sound experience over any headphones and Dolby Digital Plus for 5.1 channel surround sound playback.

Anyone these days will dread the usage of Symbian with such a marvelous device. Truth be-told, I myself would not want to be stuck with their Symbian OS. Since Nokia has partnered up with Microsoft, will Nokia release the PureView running on a Windows OS? This is something we will need to wait and see.

But the main question is when will it debut itself in Malaysia and what will the price be?? That we need to be patient and see….


Too Many to choose from…


At the present moment the market is flooded with all kind of telecommunication service provider. Lets review and see what are the types of telecommunication companies that we have now. All of these service provider tries to provide the best service and also the most attractive prices from charges per minutes to free sms, unlimited internet and etc.

But lets be honest, who can tell which service provider is the best. Who can provide us with the plan that really suits what we want. Which ever way we twist and turn, we will still lose some aspect in the service that we are looking for.

But what are we really looking for in these service providers? Are we looking for the better rates or better coverage or are we just getting a provider just to be in par with our friends and peers? That is actually the main question that we need to ask ourself these days. Every service providers provides something that is slightly better then their rival.

Lets review each of the service provider to see what do they have to provide for their consumers that maybe later we can create a comparison on each of these providers.